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Partners And Associates

CA Pankaj Somaiya

Founder & Managing Partner

Pro- active and result oriented CA with more than 20 years of successful experience in all aspects of accounting and finance management. Managing Partner at Pankaj Somaiya & Associates  LLP in Burhanpur. Demonstrated hands on management style in the development and implementation of strategic plans, to ensure Firms growth. Proficient in handling operations in compliance to the rules and regulation laid by various governing bodies Extensive experience in conceptualizing and implementing financial procedures, profit monitoring and building internal financial controls.  Ability to ascertain needs / goals, streamline operations and envision new concepts; effectively communicate direction and commit people to action. Deftness in preparing & filing statutory documents/returns. An analytical and innovative team player possessing excellent communication, interpersonal, coordination, presentation, team building and leadership skills. Have exposure to Accounting Software like SAP/Tally.

CA Ankita Bhattad

Partner (Audit & Tax)

CA Priyesh Agrawal

Partner (Khandwa)

CA Devesh Popat

Partner (Nagpur)

CA Harendra Singh Thakur

Partner (Indore)

CA Karan Gulani

Partner (Indore)

CA Priya Agrawal


CA Poonam Maheshwari

Partner (Vidisha)


The Firm is managed by Seven Exclusive full time Partners as under. All of them being qualified Chartered Accountants, holding certificate of practice and having no other interest anywhere.

Name of Partners M No. Whether ACA/FCA /DISA Date of Becoming ACA/FCA Date of Joining the Firm Experience No.of Yrs.
CA Pankaj Somaiya 079918 B.COM,FCA,DISA(ICA) 04/08/2005 18/10/2000 22 Years
CA Ankita Bhattad 410795 B.COM,FCA 25/08/2014 31/12/2009 12 Years
CA Devesh Popat 131989 B.COM,FCA,DISA,DIRM 13/01/2016 01/07/2013 9 Years
CA Harendra Singh Thakur 422639 B.COM,FCA 08/01/2019 15/12/2014 7 Years
CA Priyesh Agrawal 432820 B.COM,ACA 10/08/2016 31/10/2017 5 Years
CA Karan Gulani 445409 B.COM,ACA,FAFD 10/09/2019 15/10/2021 2 Years
CA Poonam Maheshwari 428510 MCOM, FCA 20/06/2020 01/04/2023 7 Years

CA Employee

Chartered Accountants Employees in the PSALLP firm.

Name of CA Employee M No. Whether ACA/FCA/DISA Date of Becoming ACA/FCA Date of Joining the Firm Experience No.of Yrs.
CA Priya Agrawal 450770 MCOM, ACA 09/06/2020 01/12/2022 2 Year


  • Secretarial Services
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  • Valuers
  • Merchant Bankers
  • Architects
  • Lawyers


Our clients include Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) and Corporates both from manufacturing and service Industries. We have served Large Corporates for Internal Audits, Branch Statutory Audits and Consultancy Services.