Audit & Assurance Service

The aim of audit is to ensure proper maintenance & upkeep of books of accounts. Our aim, therefore, is not to find faults but to properly guide & educate our clients as well, in this regard. This helps them to initiate corrective steps in potential areas of risk. We endeavor to support our clients in all areas of operation in all respects.

At PSA LLP our team is a well versed in Audit and Assurance Services and has handled many entities from Sectors like Pipe Manufacturing, Textiles, Cotton Industry, Banks, Credit Institutions, Media, Retailers, Trading Units, Hospitals etc for Statutory Audits, Internal audits, Process Audit etc.


  • Statutory Audit of public Ltd & Pvt. Ltd Companies,
  • Statutory Audit of Branches of Nationalized Banks,
  • Internal Audit
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Concurrent Audits of Bank,
  • Quarterly Review Audit
  • Tax Audits of Firms, Companies, Cooperative Societies etc,
  • Audit of Trusts, Charitable Institutions, Societies, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Government Colleges etc.
  • Post Migration/Data Verification Audits
  • Process Risk Audit of Finance Company